Sorry its been so long  since my last post.  I've been working hard on getting my new blog designed.  hopefully my link will be up soon :)

i Ride

i love Dirty DetailsDirty Details

Doesn't he look super handsome. i love the "I'm so cool" look on his face! :)
Me and My Ride
One for your ROOM hot rod!
Wild Man

Flying High

Ready to RIDEReady to Ride

This is my Favorite.  He looks way older than a Senior in this pic to me.  Super Cute, huh girls!

 i Ride 
Looks like we're motocrossin' in the Alps.  Nope just in Utah.  Crazy !!!!

Jason & Megan

I am so lucky to Have Megan (my sister) and Jason(her hubby) at my beck and  call.  When ever I want to try something new, they volunteer.  When I was done taking the pictures Jason asked if he looked HOT? We'll girls what do you think?  I think he looks great, and Megan you don't look to bad your self! :)   (Just our secret but Jason Loves his picture taken).

Trey's Announcement


Trey was born in February but wasn't due until April. Yah, he was that early!  We did his newborn session in March.  He was a very sleepy 3 week old. We later did his 2 month session in April, the month he should have been born in!   Crazy to think of. 

katelyn's announcement


Isn't she cute!  What a perfect little girl.  I cant get enough of those pouty lips!  Her big sis came to help with pictures.  She saw this pearl necklace in my studio and wanted Katelyn to wear it.  It was at the end of our session so of course she was ready to be done. Can't you tell by the look on her face in this last photo :)